"Our vote is our weapon" - Martin Luther King

Bitagora is an open-source, not-for-profit blockchain application that allows you to organize and vote in decentralized democratic elections.

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Direct democracy in your hands

Bitagora empowers citizens like you to vote on issues you care about


Voters cast their vote anonymously and their identity is protected by cryptography. No private information is stored in servers or made public when voting.


Votes are signed and recorded in a public ledger. They cannot be tampered or modified by anyone. The system ensures that each voter only votes once in any given election.


The public ledger is fully distributed and managed by validator nodes using a democratic consensus protocol. The protocol ensures that the system is secure and fault tolerant.


Votes registered in the public ledger can be audited and checked by anyone. The final results of an election faithfully reflect the will of voters. And everything at zero cost!

Install a validator node

Help us to support democracy by installing a Bitagora validator node. At the moment, validator nodes can only be installed in Ubuntu systems. In the future, we plan to offer installation in Windows and Mac computers as well.

Installation and usage instructions


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Bitagora has been developed using

Node.js Docker Hyperledger/Sawtooth